The Blue formation in the Philippines

Facing the challenges with an intracultural formation, living together different nationalities ( Senegal, Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam and Philippines) we are trying to incarnate our Charism and Spirituality in this ground in  which God asks us to stay.

With three postulants and one novice, we go to the poor areas (community St. John and Mindanao Avenue under the bridge and near the canal which are some of the poorest places nearby) to meet the different faces of Jesus and with Emilie we experience Jesus the Savior who saves us and saves these people, especially the little ones.

We have to study more and more how to answer to this challenge that’s why we have specific times together to read, to discuss, to learn, to share and to pray within our community. The means we have are the life of Emilie, her writings, the life of Jesus the Savior, the documents of the Congregation, of the reality around us and around the world, the documents of the Church on Consecrated Life particularly in Asia and Social teachings of the church. Now the Mission of the Consecrated Life in Asia is invited to enter into a triple dialogue, with the great Asian Religions, the Asian rich cultures and the poor.



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